Monday, 9 November 2009

Benefits of Using Marmorino/Polished Plaster

There are a number of benefits using authentic Polished Plaster/Marmorino products such as Stucco Italiano’s range:
• Crack-Resistant
• Very Breathable
• Self-Healing
• Wets and Dries Out FAST
• Naturally Mold-Resistant
• Time-Tested
• Natural & Green
Stucco Italiano lime plasters are extremely durable and less prone to shrinking and cracking than traditional cement finishes. The lime plasters breathe; allowing water vapor to permeate freely so moisture evaporates quickly, unlike acrylic finishes which can trap moisture inside the wall.
When lime plasters sets, the result is a hard-as-stone, long-lasting mineral coating. The natural, oxide pigment system results in the colour being preserved on the walls.
Our Polished lime-based Plasters are non-toxic and green. The ability of the end result to absorb and diffuse elements can help lead to optimal indoor air quality. The naturally high in pH, lime finishes act as an anti-bacterial surface, neutralizing the development of organic substances such as mold and fungus.

Marmorino is used to create ancient distressed finishes.
Marmorino is water resistant and excellent for kitchens bathrooms and exteriors.
Marmorino may be applied over almost any type of substrate,interior or exterior.
Marmorino will produce exceptionally vibrant colors when polished or sanded.